15W LED Grow Light Bulb Full Cycle
  • 15W LED Grow Light Bulb Full Cycle
  • Blue, red, green, and far red light spectrum
  • grow light hanging distance and time setting
  • Grow Light Blub dimensions
  • SANSI LED mixes all spectrum in a uniform way
  • suitable for Gerbera, orange, mint, rose, tomato and pepper
15W LED Grow Light Bulb Full Cycle

Faster and Healthier Growing --- SANSI Full Cycle Grow Light perfectly imitates sunlight, helps the plants grow faster (2 weeks shows a difference) and better in a healthy way. Good for plants from the seeding stage.
Easy to Install --- Fits standard E26 socket, just screw into your desk lamp, no special lamp-base necessary. Recommended coverage area up to 2.8 square feet mounted 12”-20” above the plants, lighting time up to 10hrs-12hrs, depends on different plants.
Full Spectrum --- Compared with other grow lights, each of  SANSI's LED chips mixes all wavelengths. All wavelengths of light can be fully absorbed by the plant via photosynthesis without any waste like fluorescent. Blue-Ray (400-499nm) is good for taller and healthier leaves. Red-Ray (600-699nm) is good for blooming and fruits.
Great Heat Dissipation and Long Life --- Compared with other grow lights, the ceramic body dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum and it is not conductive of electricity, LED chips are placed directly onto the ceramic heat sink, both are designed to reduce heat, to prevent your plants from being damaged.
What You Get --- 5-year unlimited warranty; 30 days no question asked return policy; High quality product; 24/7 friendly customer support.


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  • 15W
  • Full Cycle


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SANSI LED Full Cycle Grow Light, 15w Full Spectrum Ceramic LED Light Bulb, Hydroponics, Indoor Farming, Greenhouses
Product ID (EAN): 06932336201605
Correct Method of Application
  • Screw SANSI LED Grow Light into a simple desk lamp or a simple hanging fixture. 
  • The coverage area is up to 2.8 square feet mounted 12”-20” above the plants
  • Control the time of lighting every day, because your lovely plants don’t require 24hrs lighting and they need sleeping too. 
Product Features
  • Uniform Spectrum
  • Each LED chip mixes red-light, blue-light, green-light and far red-light, ensure your lovely plants receiving light of the uniform spectrum. 
  • Uniform Lighting
  • The LED chips in concentric configuration provide uniform lighting and ensure your lovely plants, no matter in the middle or on the edge, receiving light of the same intensity. 
  • Safe & Long Service Life 
  • Ceramic and plastic body——good insulation and safe; 
  • PCB free and unique heat sinking design——long Service Life. 
  • It is just like a small and everlasting sun indoor for your lovely plants. 
  • Hollowed out Design
  • Hollowed out design ensures good ventilation, quick heat dissipation, improve the light performance and lifetime. 



Knowledge of Spectrum
  • How does light promote plant growing? 
            Blue-light having a wavelength of 400 nm to 520 nm promotes the absorbing of chlorophyll and carotenoid, helps the growth of roots and stems. 
            Red-light having a wavelength of 620 nm to 750 nm promotes booming and fruits. 
  • What’s the spectrum of the SANSI Full Cycle LED Grow Light? 
            Blue (400-499nm) 19.46%
            Green (500-599nm) 37.70%
            Red (600-699nm) 36.23%
            Far Red (700-780nm) 6.61%
            PPF 18.74μmol/s
  • Wattage: 15W
  • Input Voltage: 90-246VAC
  • Power Factor: >0.9
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Lumen Flux: 1050lm
  • Light Holder: E26
  • Optics: 600
  • Materials: Ceramic + PC
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃~+40℃
  • Operating Humidity:10%~95% RH



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