Underwater Fishing Light, Fish Attractor

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Green Underwater Fishing Light, 120V, 100W 15000lm, Green Night Fishing Finder, Glowing Fish Attractor, Light Attractants for Docks, Boats or Kayaks, IP68 Rated for Fresh & Salt Water

green fishing light, anti-corrosion, IP68 waterproof,25000H work hours, 15000lm
green fishing light, IP68 waterproof, easier to fall, anti-corrosion

SANSI 530nm Green Fishing Light

Different fish in different water depths, its effective spectral wavelength is different. When the fishing water depth is 0-20 meters, the wavelength between 500nm and 550nm is more attractive to fish

green fishing light with 530nm spectrum
green fishing light with 530nm spectrum

Why choose SANSI

No More Fear of Seawater Corrosion: Utilizing the PVC and ceramic on the lamp body, there's no need to worry about seawater corrosion permanently!

Unparalleled Heat Dissipation Capacity: Built in Ceramic materials, higher heat dissipation. There is also no need turn off when not use temperarily.

No extra counterweight needed: Just drop them into the water and they will sink without additional counterweight.

Higher Efficiency: No resistors like others, up to 95% power efficiency.

How Does the Fishing Light Work?

After a short time in the water, the greet light causes a chain reaction - it initially attracts masses of phytoplankton that cloud the water. These little organisms then attract the common baitfish to the light, eventually, those predatory fish will follow and feed.

SANSI green fishing light