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SANSI Outdoor Security Lights Reviews – Best Motion Sensor & Dusk to Dawn Choice


Who needs a security light?

Everybody wants to put their mind at ease by increasing the safety of their home. A security light can provide this comfort by providing light in places that leave your home feeling vulnerable. In order to get the most out of your security light here are some basic tips that will help you on your way to a safer home.

What type of LED Security Lights do I choose?

As a general rule for residential lighting, it would be suggested to have security lighting at the front and back of your property. As well as using them with a combination of other lights. For the front of your home, you may have path lights and it is advisable to have lighting surrounding the doors of your home. This is not only for security but to also help you get into your home and to prevent any accidents from happening.



Why SANSI Security Lights?

SANSI LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security lights to have all the right attributes to cover all of your exterior lighting needs and more. They came in a range of Wattage 18W27W and 30W and two colors, black and white. They’re easy to install and they provide a bright 5000k daylight color temperature.  

SANSI Security Lights are an ideal exterior light for any type of property because of their adaptability and their attributes. They have abroad motion sensory angle of 180 degrees and a sensory range of 50 feet. This means that any movement is detected way before the object is even close to your property increasing your safety and awareness.

LED Security Light Technology

Now you know the number of LED components you will be purchasing with each of the lamps it is now time to talk specifics. The LED components within these lights will use SANSI’s internationally patented Independent Pixel Heat Sink Technology ®. In order to dissipate heat better and to make the components more durable. It is SANSI’s Heat Sink Technology® that sets them apart from other exterior light companies.

The SANSI Security Light also use photocell and infrared motion sensors in order to guarantee the sensing of objects.



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