Omni-directional Light

SANSI Omni - Directional LED Light Bulbs

End User Review


LED Light Bulbs Unique Design

The design of the bulbs really stood out to me. Their ceramic hollow base not only looks great. It contributed to their performance. The ceramic makes the base durable as well as more efficient in heat dissipation. The bulbs material and hollow base design complement one another in order to provide you with a bulb that is incredibly bright while giving you some huge savings.

LED Light Bulbs Wide Applications

This is probably the biggest positive to purchasing LED dimmable bulbs. Their range of brightness really enables them to be used anywhere within your home. SANSI’s LED Dimmable bulbs are flicker free and really have a smooth dim from 0-100% 

The smoothness and range of the dim with SANSI Dimmable bulbs allows them to provide your home with all types of lighting. Including accent, task and ambient lighting.

The ability of Dimmable Bulbs to go from being super bright task lighting to dimming down and be able to provide ambiance for a movie. Is the reason why interior designers love them and they are one of our best sellers.



Energy Efficient and Healthy

The use of dimmable is incredibly energy saving as their energy and light output can be altered. SANSI’s Dimmable LED Bulbs have a lifespan of 22.8 years and can save you up to 88% on your electricity bills. So although there may be a higher initial cost when purchasing our LED Bulbs. With the discounts we offer and the lifespan our lights provide. You will be saving a lot of money in the long term. Due to the lights flicker free and easily variable light output, they can also really help reduce eyestrain. Promoting the use of a healthy light within your home.




The best thing about these bulbs overall was their dimmers. There was no humming. No buzzing. No flickering. The light from these bulbs was stable and gave us the amount of light we wanted every time. The light coming from this bulb also felt natural and soft it made doing tasks at different times of the day easier as the light adapted to our lighting requirements.

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