LED Grow Light

SANSI LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants


End User Review


LED Grow Light Recommendation

The full cycle bulb is one of my 2 favorites grow lights I’ve ever used and I’d recommend this bulb to anyone wanting to add a touch of beauty to their home or office. The light is easy on the eyes and the spectrum within the light is meant to what you are growing.

LED Grow Light Usage Scenario

These bulbs are not intended for you to be able to grow mini-farms in your office or home…that is unless you have 24 of these lights where a mini-farm would then be possible! These bulbs, however, are intended to bring a meaningful and beautiful light to your space to allow you to grow a small plant or two. 

If you work in an office setting, I’d recommend using a simple office desk lamp with a flexible neck. The office lamp I use is 18” long and it works just fine. I also use a timer so I don’t have to worry about turning the light on and off throughout my work week. I like to keep my light on 10-12 hours during the day and I make sure my plants go dark during the night.



Spectrum and Light

The new light will be offered in both 30-watt and 40-watt options and can be bought on Amazon Prime (The wattage is lower than this, but for search purposes, 30 (24)-watt and 40 (36)-watt options will be used). We encourage you to contact Sansi directly for large orders. The spectrum for both options are the same. Both lights emit a white/yellowish glow. The light is suitable for both vegetation and flowering.



The performance

This light produces an amazing amount of light for the watts it uses. Not only do the structure and design of this light makes it look more appealing than others on the market. They also help it outperform them. Purchasing one of these lights would already be a great steal so to grab one with 33% OFF is madness!  

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