A21 15W LED Grow Light Bulb (US ONLY)

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SANSI Grow Light Bulb with Ceramic Technology, PPF 27.2 umol/s LED Full Spectrum 15W Grow Lamp (200 Watts Equiv) with Frosted Optical Lens for High PPFD, Energy Saving Plant Light for Fruits & Flowers

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Version: US 120V
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So far so good. Just got them last night. We shall see

Happy plant tells the story

Compact yet efficient without burning the plants.

Scott Nelson
Very Bright

I had a grow light I had purchased at a "regular" big box store in the isle with regular light bulbs. I switched it out for this one and noticed a HUGE difference in growth within the first week! I'm now switching over all my grow lights to Sansi and have been amazed at the difference in growth in my plants.

SANSI takes sad, little seed sprouts to the next level

The last few winters we really missed the fresh herbs from our garden. Last year my attempt to simply use natural light yielded NOTHING. (We live in central MN.)

This fall, my husband made beautiful custom oak shelves for me to grow my cooking herbs & greens inside.

I purchased standard red/blue grow bulbs at the store. While I managed to get the seeds to sprout - an improvement over last year - after six weeks, none had enough energy to truly take hold and have strong enough stems to stand up and thrive.

After A LOT of reading about full light spectrum lighting, I purchased two SANSI 15W full spectrum ceramic plant spot lights for the upper shelf and the SANSI 70W full spectrum plant light for the lower shelf. Within a week all the plants responded positively. I rotate the plants once a week. After 3 weeks under the lights, the plants are really starting to grow.

Soon we will be enjoying Naan flatbread pizza with fresh basil again!

Using the SANSI full spectrum plant lights was a winning choice for us.

Note for others: I need to water the plants more frequently than before. If you replace your existing bulbs with these, you should check them a day or two sooner than your previous watering schedule.

Jeff Fishel
Works well! Want more

Bought to help my vegetable seedlings grow on our kitchen ceil. Does a great job, the plants under this light take off compared to other areas in my house.