Dimmable A19 17W LED 3000K/5000K Light Bulb(US CA ONLY)

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17W LED Light Bulb (200 Watt Equivalent) with patented Chip on Ceramic (COC) technology and hollow design, through higher effective heat dissipation, improves luminous efficacy and lifespan. Super bight (2500lm) for kitchen, bathroom, garage, warehouse, basement, etc. 3000K soft warm light and 5000K daylight. Dimmable.

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Version: US 120V
Color Temperature: 5000K
Size: 2-pack

Customer Reviews

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Great buy

I really like these lights. Especially in the soft color. NOT the day-light. Glad I found them.

Flying Aces
Great bulbs for Great price.

I used 2 of these in Kitchen and these are exceedingly great bulbs with great brightness. Due to their design, they run cool and dont overheat. Most importantly, the customer service is great - I had a few questions and all of the questions were answered quickly and with detail.at 2500 Lumnes, these are some of the finest bulbs I have used.

Shopaholic 1675900
Really great LED bulb

Works as you'd expect - very different then other manufacturers. I'm so used to expecting issues, but this one had none. Nice color, no buzzing, no hissing, dimming perfectly, no sounds when dimming; pretty bright. I replaced a 150Watt equivalent with this and using it with Lutron Caseta dimmer. Works really well.


This was the perfect LED lamp for my purpose. I needed to replace a 150-200W halogen bulb in my living room torch lamp, which was way too hot and consumed a lot of energy for the 8+ hours a day I used it. This lumens-equivalent LED is much better. It's runs cool, provides the right amount of brightness for my needs and has the same "warmth" like the halogen.

Works Well

I pretty sure the ballast on my Hi pressure light stopped working. Put adapter with this bulb and my light is back. I like the soft light. Might even put out a little more light than 100 watt Hi pressure sodium bulb. Bulb has weight and feels like it well made. Costing 17 watts to use big bonus. I saw this bulb can attract FEWER BUGS than white light. Almost bug yellow but more light. Be nice if company sold more bulbs each .