10W-40W Adjustable Multi-Head Clip-on Grow Light

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Wattage: 10W
Color: Black
Version: US

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Sansi lights

This was very easy to assemble. It also
seems like my plants are appreciating the extra light.


Perfectly bright ights for my indoor plants. Used other brand before but not as good. Too bad only this model is available to ship to the EU, otherwise would like to get a couple more.

Rachel H

very impressed with this grow light, the clip is sturdy, the lights are fantastic. excellent value, will be buying more of these

Vanessa May
Bright Grow Lights! Easy Set-Up!

This grow light light consists of three adjustable arms with lightbulb sockets on the end of each, all connected to a clip so you can mount the lights on a windowsill or shelf. The bulbs are included and you screw each one into the socket on the end of each arm. These lights have a single cord and plug into a standard wall outlet. Each light bulb has its own on/off switch.You can adjust these lights so they are facing down a few inches above the plants. The light is white in color.These lights fit nicely in the windowsill. I am using a mug to keep all the cords together in one place. My family has already complimented the new plant light set up. I have the light supplementing a couple succulent plants in a window that doesn't get enough natural light. I only am keeping two of the three lights on at first. I want to introduce the plants to their new light and let them get used to it for a couple days before turning all three lights on. So far the plants seem to love their new light!

bree c harrison
The best lamp

I love that these take full strength bulbs instead of 5w. They work great.