24W Adjustable 3-Head Clip-on Grow Light (US EU UK ONLY)

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SANSI LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant with Ceramic Tech, 24W (300W Equiv) Full Spectrum Grow Lamp, 3 Modes with timing function, great for indoor plants, provide plants with ample light, effectively promoting plant healthy growth in different growth stages.

Size: EU 220/240V

3 Modes & 5 Brightness Levels

Infinitely close to natural light 3 heads plant lights bar, with 5 Dimmable levels to suit each stage of plant growth, 3 supplemental light modes (blue light only/ red light only/ blue+red light).

Red: grow lights for indoor plants promote photosynthesis, blooming, fruiting.
Blue: grow lights for seedlings prevent the plants leggy.
Red+Blue, plants grow lights for seeds promote rooting, germination, blooming, fruiting.

360° Gooseneck Grow Lamp

3 stripes 360°goosenecks, making every plant covered by 360° surround light, customize a more ideal full life cycle balanced spectrum supplementary light program.

More supplementary light

Self-built mathematical calculation models and systems, through the lens for secondary scientific light distribution, improved light utilization, give plants more supplementary light, and improved light quality.

Auto-Off Timer & Memory function

3h/6h/12h auto turn-off functions, can avoid plants from being affected by excessive or insufficient light. You can adjust the lighting time and interval time according to the plants' growth needs. The Memory function can remember the setting of your last usage.


Independent design of IC (driver chip)
Use 100% self-developed driver IC with has the ability to reach the self-adaptive ambient temperature, greatly improving safety.

Higher heat dissipation

With hollow structure design, the working heat of the lighting device is quickly transferred to the air through natural convection, and the heat dissipation is faster and the service life is prolonged.

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