What Are The Best Lighting Effects For Halloween

What Are The Best Lighting Effects For Halloween

Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season and along with Christmas is my favorite time of the year to decorate. Although there is a wide variety of creative decoration options for Halloween, one of the easiest and most effective decorations is to use lights! By using different lighting effects you can create the best atmosphere in your street! 

What Lighting Effects to Use?

 Uplighting   String Lighting   Lanterns   LED RGB Floodlights
Uplighting is a popular effect used for decorating events and holidays. Uplighting is really effective in creating a dramatic atmosphere. This is exactly what you need for Halloween! You just place the spotlight underneath whatever object or area you wish to illuminate and point the light upwards to highlight the area. If you have outdoor Halloween decorations and you’re uplighting them, it can make a big difference to how your home looks!  Although string lights are more common for Christmas lighting effects, purchasing string lights with Halloween colors will bring you a lot of options for the yard. The great thing about string lights is their variability. They can be placed anywhere! They can be used to light up your porch, your bush or any Halloween statues, etc that you have in your garden. The best idea for Halloween would be to use purple, red and orange colored string lights to bring out the Halloween atmosphere. Lanterns are a great way to decorate your yard for Halloween. Although they’re a classic and been associated with Halloween for a long time, they’re still a very effective lighting effect. They can be purchased or handmade depending on the time you have. The best thing about Halloween lanterns is that they can come in various shapes that look like pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, etc. If you use a variety of lanterns with other types of lighting effects in your yard you will have a great and ghostly looking garden! LED RGB Floodlights are fantastic options for Halloween. Depending on the amount of illumination you would like will determine their power level. However, usually LED RGB Floodlights to come in a range of powers from 10Watt options to 100Watts. So you can get the right amount of illumination you desire. The best thing about LED RGB Floodlights is the number of colors they can output. They can create effective wall washer effects and using their various strobe effects can make your yard and home illuminated perfectly for Halloween.

Why is an RGB Floodlight so important For Halloween? 

LED RGB Floodlights are important for Halloween as they bring the most illumination with the lowest amount of effort required. They’re cost-effective. If you purchase a large scale RGB Floodlight your whole yard and garden ill be illuminated in various colors with a range of effects. Creating the party atmosphere! What adds to RGB Floodlight’s cost-effectiveness is that they’re not just for Halloween. They can be used throughout the whole year for all events and general security and illumination. 

What RGB LED Floodlight Do I use?  

For Halloween this year I will be using a combination of RGB Floodlights. I prefer my outdoor Halloween lighting to be layered using RGB Floodlights of various powers. 

My main lighting source for this year, however, is the SANSI 100W RGB LED Floodlight. This magnificent light produces 10,000 lumens of light with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. For such a powerful light with huge illumination, it’s size is actually very small. If it is out on a lawn for events its barely noticeable as an object, it is just once its huge beam comes out you know for sure what and where it is!  

What is Unique About the SANSI 100W RGB Floodlight? 

I love the design of SANSI products. I like the way they look and their color choices for the frames and the heat sinks. The combination of black and white gives the light a simple and effective contrasting look. It looks built for producing huge light beams while saving energy. 

The body of this light is hollow at the back and this combined with the light’s patented ceramic heat sinks produces an energy-efficient light. This is because this floodlight can dissipate heat faster using their hollow and ceramic technology. What’s neat about this light Is its memory function. So whatever model you’ve set the light on if you switch the light off and back on again it will remain in its last setting. Meaning the light is ready to illuminate and create an effect 24/7! 

If you would like to purchase one of these 100W RGB Floodlights to brighten up your Halloween then head over to: 


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