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  1. The History of LEDs

    The History of LEDs LEDs are currently the most energy-efficient lighting technologies. They work on the electroluminescent principle and can produce the whole spectrum of light. Including UV and Infrared. The story of LEDs is a long one with some significant discoveries predeceasing the first production of a light-emitting diode in 1962.  LED Development Read more...
  2. Are LED Lights Good For Studying?

    Are LED Lights Good For Studying? It’s relatively early in the academic year and school and university students have not been back too long. However, the homework, coursework, and essays are beginning to stack up. You might find yourself or your children sitting at the table late at night working away, needing a good reading light that is going to aid their performance and not Read more...
  3. Choosing the Best LED Light for your garage

    Choosing the Best LED Light for your garage A lot of homes now have single or double garages. Some people use their garage for storage, others use them as workshops and some of us just use them to park our cars. However, we all share one common theme. We all need good lighting in our garages. I’ve been to a few friend’s homes previously who had garages filled with things but improper Read more...

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