December. 2018

New Year's Resolutions


New Year's Resolutions come around once a year and are a great way to try something new. Most people want to better themselves in some way; be healthier, lose weight, be happier etc. However, the actual survival rate of new year's resolutions is very A. The at least to 8% per resolution. A great way to adopt a resolution is to make it a big goal with smaller goals within it. In order to have checkpoints to show you are on the right path. Make a lifestyle out of It in order to really achieve your resolution.


The History of New Year's Resolutions


The tradition of giving ourselves resolutions for the new year dates back to even 4000 years ago. The new year at this time was in fact marked by a festival in March in Babylon. However, as time went on Julius Cesar and the Roman's decided to create a calendar that was synonymous with the sun. After setting their best mathematicians and Astronomers the task they decided on January 1 st to be the first day of the year. This was met with celebrations and the idea of ​​starting the year fresh to improve From last Year and we still do it today.


New Year's Resolutions 2019


Lifestyle Change


And the great way to make a change to your mood and you home could be to start an indoor garden Plants are known to provide a calming effect on people, provide the home with cleaner healthier air and they also give you something to stay focused on. Plants need care and attention and can set you into a great routine of looking after yourself and something else .


Indoor Gardening Benefits


There is a number of benefits to starting your own indoor garden.


  1. Better air- Plants act as air filters and produce more oxygen for the home.
  2. Therapeutic- looking after your plants everyday and seeing them gradually grow improving your life is therapeutic.
  3. Organic food- If you so choose you can grow vegetable or fruit. Under your watch they can be totally organic and pesticide free.

How to get initiated growing indoors


The first step in beginning an indoor grow is to choose the type of plant you want to grow. Once you have chosen the type of plant you would like to grow you need to look up its requirements in saying of how much sunlight, water and what The type of soil it needs. Then you are ready to start looking for a light. When first looking for a light a good idea is to look up the quality of the lights. This can be done by looking through Amazon reviews or other grow light blogs True websites the most popular types of grow light are LED grow lights. This is because they perform great, save you money on your energy bills and produce a fantastic beam for your plants to thrive off.


Full Spectrum Grow Lights 2019


One of the best lights you can buy is an LED Full Spectrum Grow Light . They mix all of the colors across the light spectrum within each LED module. This allows for the plant to receive the same benefits to being under natural sunlight. The daylight beam from these lights benefit your plants they also contribute well to your home. A natural daylight beam can brighten up your room and improve your mood and overall health.


SANSI's 30W Full Spectrum Grow Light


SANSI have produced commercial and residential lighting solutions for over 25 years and have used their knowledge of LED's and ceramic to develop a state of the art grow light. The SANSI 30W Grow Light can have an effect on your plant within 2 weeks and has been shown To create strong, healthy, colorful plants. With its high PPF and PPFD measurements this light really stands out from others on the market. They fit into household E26 fixtures and their heat dissipation technology makes them ideal to be used within the home. This is They can be used in small spaces and in large quantities without creating too much heat and affecting the home. Their white structure and hollow base also make them add a touch of glamour and uniqueness to whichever room they are installed.  


Starting Your New Year's Resolution


If you would like to start off 2019 with a bang! then head over to:


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