December. 2018

New Year's Eve 2018


New Year's Eve is the biggest night of the year. If you're hosting a party decoration is one of the most important things to set the tone for your party. Ambiance and mood are key in creating an atmosphere that will send everyone into the new Year on a high note. The best way in setting the tone for your party is to get the decorations right!


Setting the tone  


First of all, one of the best ways to get the party going is music. Music is a key part in setting the tone for your party. If you are with family and close friends and children are around you're going to be playing Different music to the college student's party a few doors down. Secondly, noisemakers. Party poppers, glittery horns, blowouts are all part of the fun. Choose what you thing is appropriate to have fun can begin to lay them out around the home to get Ready for your guests to experiment. Noisemakers are a classic part of any New Year's Eve party and I wouldn't want to see anybody go without. 


New Year's Eve Decorations


New Year’s decorations are all about sparkles. Things that stand out. Things that shine and things that brighten up the room. From your tableware to your glassware to what you’re actually wearing. Everything should be sparkly and shiny.




Everybody knows that lighting within a party makes a huge difference. It needs to be bright, colorful and different. An RGB LED Floodlight can bring all of these to your home! An RGB is fantastic for New Year’s eve as they can bring a variety of bright colors at different strobing speeds at a low energy cost. The SANSI 50W RGB Floodlight can power out a huge 3500lumen beam while strobing various colors with multiple effects. The SANSI 50W Floodlight really does start the party!


SANSI 50W LED RGB Floodlight


The SANSI 50W RGB Floodlight is the ideal light for New Year’s Eve and the rest of the year. Due to the fact that SANSI has been producing incredibly bright and energy efficient lights for over 25 years now. Their knowledge and performance has truly been shown in this light. The SANSI RGB Floodlight has 16 different colors with 4 different modes and can have multiple lights functioning from just 1 remote. This is a huge benefit to anybody hosting a party indoors, outdoors or both. The ability to switch the colors and effects quickly is just what hosts need! The SANSI RGB Floodlight has a cable of 1.5m and can withstand outdoor weather also. Along with this the light can produce a daylight beam of 3500 lumens in order to be potentially used as a security light once the party season is over. Due to the light’s hollow back design and independent heat sink technology, it is superior at dissipating heat. This means that they can be used in small spaces in large quantities without disrupting the environment. SANSI RGB Floodlight’s are not just an off the cuff buy. They’re a purchase for life!

50W RGB Floodlight For New Year's Eve


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