December. 2018

The Best Way to Decorate For Christmas 2018



Christmas 2018 is just around the corner now and what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to talk about decorating. Decorations are an integral part of Christmas and help create the fantastic joyous atmosphere we all love at this time of year. There are two main types of Christmas decorating indoor and outdoor. They both require different types of lights in order to create the correct ambience.


Indoor Christmas Lighting 2018


Indoor Christmas decorations always require a lot of vibrant colors but it also needs to feel warm and cozy. Not only would LED string Christmas lights help create an atmosphere, a small RGB Floodlight and dimmable bulbs would also be great lights for ambience. This is because an RGB LED Floodlight especially a small one like SANSI’s 10W RGB Floodlight would be able to produce an array of bright colors in order to create a Christmas atmosphere. Not only is a small 10W RGB Floodlight great for producing various bright colors they can also be installed anywhere and produce very little heat. This makes them safer and makes the atmosphere in the room much more comfortable. Especially as they will be on for long periods of time. The other type of LED bulb that would be great for Christmas time indoors is dimmable bulbs. This is because during the daytime while presents are being opened and people are visiting you will have a bright daylight beam to welcome people in with. When the day is dying down and the family is sitting down to watch movies and relax. Dimmers are a great way to change the atmosphere. Dimmers can reduce the intensity of the light in order to change the mood of the room to a more relaxing one so the whole family can sit down and enjoy the Christmas TV.


A more traditional way to light up the home at Christmas may be the use of some candles. Candles have never gone out of fashion and really go well with Christmas Decorations. However, at this time of year it is important to be as safe as possible. To improve the safety of using candles maybe try adopt LED candle lights in order to get the same candle lit effect without the same risk.

Outdoor Lighting Christmas 2018  


The outdoor decorations of your home are the first decorations people see when going past your house. This is why they’re so important. Outdoor decorations are possibly the most fun and interesting way to get into the Holiday Spirit. People love seeing unique and bright outside holiday decorations and this Christmas you can use LED’s to your advantage. One of the best ways to light up your front or back yard for Christmas is to use an RGB LED Floodlight. RGB LED Floodlights bring heaps of benefits when someone wants to light up their yard. This is because they possess a wide range of powerful vibrant colors that can put out across a wide ranging angle. This makes them great for illuminating a whole yard. SANSI’s 50W RGB LED Floodlight is great for supplementing Christmas decorations as Christmas decorations are not just about statues and string lights. A powerful multicolored beam will really make your home stand out this year. Due to the fact SANSI’s 50W RGB Floodlight has 16 different colors with 4 different modes and a brightness that can be easily changed. They are a fantastic addition not just for Christmas! They can emit a bright daylight beam of 3500lumens that will make it a fantastic future garden light or security light. They can be attached to specific timers and motion sensors which makes them one of the brightest and most versatile lights on the market!

Investing in the future


Christmas requires specific types of lighting. However, when you buy versatile products they can be used for much more than just one time of the year. This is something that SANSI's dimmable bulbs and RGB Floodlights can do. They are more than just a once a Year thing. They can be used all year round and save you money on your electricity bills. Buying a SANSI dimmable bulb or an RGB Floodlight is a bright investment into your future that you won't regret!

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