December. 2018

Top 3 Uses For LED Floodlights

Top 3 Uses For LED Floodlights


LED Floodlights have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Due to the fact they have a super bright and wide angle beam. They are fantastic for indoor and outdoor lighting. Because of their well-known versatility they have now been adopted for 3 main purposes. These 3 uses are indoor lighting, ambient lighting and advertising. These are three huge areas and highlight the benefits an LED Floodlight can bring to world.


  1. Indoor lighting


Large scale usage


One of the biggest applications of LED Floodlights is indoor lighting. This is because their daylight beam can make the indoors feel like a natural bright environment. LED Floodlights are used in both large and small scale buildings. For example; sport stadiums, warehouses, factories and workshops. They are used in stadiums as they can make the game better for both the players and the audience. The natural bright light they give off make everything more clear for everybody involved including the cameras for slow motion replays. As they prevent flickering when events are replayed on television.


Small scale usage


In smaller scale use, LED Floodlights are used inside warehouses, factories and workshops. This is because they have the ability not only to light the areas up to make them safer, they also save costs and do not cause as much heat when being used. LED Floodlight’s ability to dissipate heat quickly and to be able to be used in large amounts in small areas make them the ideal light for industrial use. Their cooler running temperature and lower energy costs is also what makes them great for people who work out of workshops or just need a very bright light in a small space.


  1. Ambient Lighting     


LED Floodlights are easily the best type of light for ambient lighting. Especially RGB LED Floodlights. They outperform traditional lights used for dramatic lighting as an RGB does not require any expensive filters and are still just as bright and effective. Now that RGB LED Floodlights exist, it is easy to see why they dominate ambient lighting for parties, weddings and landmarks. They’re much easier to use, save costs and are brighter.


  1. Advertising


Finally, one of the biggest areas LED Floodlight’s have made an impact is in advertising. This is because LED Floodlights can come in small sizes in order to be fitted into any fixture anywhere. This had made advertising much easier as they have not had to worry about where to put their adverts in order to be noticed. Using small super bright LED Floodlights, they have been able to get their ads noticed while saving money and time on worrying about setting it up in a specific place. Lights such as the SANSI 10W RGB Floodlight are great for advertising as they produce a bright beam at a very wide angle and is so small it can fit almost anywhere.


SANSI LED Floodlights


SANSI LED Floodlights come in a wide varying range from sizes to colors. SANSI produces both 50 & 10 Watt versions of daylight white LED Floodlights as well as RGB Floodlights. This is because from their research from over the past 25 years they have realized that it is important to make lights for both large and small scale projects. The benefits from using LED lights should not be limited from anyone. So SANSI has created a way through their smaller Floodlights to benefit the full range of consumers.


The LED Floodlights from SANSI look great with their unique ceramic design as well as their hollowed out back in order to dissipate heat efficiently. The biggest advantage of using a SANSI RGB Floodlight is that is also produces a white light of 3500 lumens and can be put on constant just like a regular white LED Floodlight. Their cable is 1.5m long and they can also be used with appropriate timers in case you could like to use it as a security light or for ambient lighting purposes. Whichever Floodlight you buy you’re guaranteed to not be disappointed. With their 5-year warranty you are covered for an incredibly long time in case something was to happen. SANSI is a reliable and customer friendly company that values each one of their customer’s purchases. So go out and grab a Floodlight now!


Making a purchase


If you would like to purchase a SANSI RGB or Daylight Floodlight , follow the link here in order to make a purchase: