December. 2018

How LED Lights Can Brighten Up the Holiday Season

How LED Lights Can Brighten Up the Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is well under way. Some of us have already finished our Christmas shopping and the rest of us are about to start. One of the best things about this time of the year is the decorations. Indoors and outdoors, Christmas decorations look stunning And get the body in the mood for the holidays. Traditionally string lights have been used for Christmas exterior lighting. Especially for homes. However, with the developments in quality and performance of LED's, they now look like the better option.


The Benefits of using LED lights in the Holiday Season


Apart from the high initial cost, LED's are now the best type of light for the Holiday Season and here is why:


LED's are safer

LED bulbs especially for Christmas time and the new year, are much safer than traditional incandescent bulbs. This is because they dissipate heat much more efficiency which makes them run at a lower temperature. LED's running at a lower heat reduces The risk of a fire dramatic. Especially around this time of year when the Christmas tree is up and there is a large number of lights on for long periods of time. LED's are the safer option.  


LED's save money

It is well known that LED lights are incredibly energy efficient and can save you a lot of money on your electricity bills. In fact, LED's have been well known to save you up to 88% on your electricity bills! Due to the fact that around This time of year there is a lot of interior and exterior lighting displays on show to help with the Holiday spirit. It would be a great idea to purchase some lights that can make December a cheaper month than it usually is!


LED's are Versatile


Another reason for LED's being great for the Christmas holidays is that LED lights are versatile. Especially SANSI's RGB Floodlights. They come in a range from 10Watts to a super bright 50Watt light. The great thing about these lights is that they can be used as interior They offer 16 different colors with 4 different functional modes that can get your home in the Christmas spirit or be a normal task functional light.  


Using an LED RGB Floodlight for Christmas

An RGB Floodlight for Christmas is a great idea! This is because they can offer a broad range of vibrant colors that are capable of illuminating indoors and outdoors. The fact that there is a 50W and a 10W RGB Floodlight gives you the option to put lights Both the 50W RGB and the 10W RGB Floodlights are lightweight, powerful and easy to install. Which makes them a great addition for the Christmas holidays.  


New Years Eve

New Year's Eve. Most of us will either attending a party or hosting a party. If you are hosting a party an RGB Floodlight is exactly what you could do with. As they can provide super bright Strobe effects that will send you into the New Year on a high note.


RGB Floodlights are not just for Christmas


RGB Floodlights actually have a lot of other uses all year round too! Due to the fact that SANSI's 50W & 10W RGB Floodlights can produce a beam of 5500 lumens when used to stream a white light is will make a fantastic added security light for the home Also by purchasing this light you are ready for any event in the future be it a wedding, garden party or you would just like some extra lighting in the yard. This light will make a great addition to the home.




If you would like to purchase one of these great lights do it now as the SANSI Santa Sale is one for both of products. Our 50W RGB Floodlight and our 10W Floodlight's are both have a humungous 60% off! Just follow the link below to Our Santa Sales page to grab one!