December. 2018

SANSI’S Christmas Santa Sale has begun

SANSI’S Christmas Santa Sale has begun


Get ready! As the SANSI Santa Sale has begun this month for Christmas! Due to the fact that the Holiday Season is all about having fun and family. We chose to put our most family fun oriented lights on sale!


When does the Christmas sale begin?


This year's Santa Sale begun December 3 rd and is running until December 9 th .



40W Full Spectrum Grow Light for Christmas


One of our bestsellers the 40W full spectrum Grow Light is on sale for this Christmas. This light is special as it provides a full spectrum beam that is able to replicate the sun in your very own home. Thanks to its focus on heat dissipation its hollow design and heat sink technology make this light incredibly light weight for its power. Meaning it can be installed anywhere around the home. The look and the beam this light produces make it a fantastic purchase for Christmas and as the new year comes in. It will brighten up your home, bring some natural light into your room while also creating a more natural healthy environment by promoting a plant’s growth.


The deal on The SANSI 40W Grow Light is 45% OFF with a final price of only $33.99! Getting a light like this for that sort of price is almost unheard of. So make the most of this Christmas offer and start your own indoor garden for the New Year!  


30W Security light in the Christmas sale


SANSI’s Security lights are now well known and have been protecting homes all over America for over 2 years! They have a wide range of fantastic reviews on Amazon and they do exactly what they promise. With their 3 working modes they can booster the security of your home, the illumination of your home and the comfort of your home. And this is exactly what SANSI is aiming for with the security light series. The clue is in the name “security” and these lights bring a whole bunch of it to the home!  


It is not only what these lights bring to your home that sets them apart from others. It is their performance. Due to their low wattage, super bright beam and innovative heat dissipation technology. They will outperform any light you have had before. To grab these in a sale would be a bright idea!


The 30W SANSI Security Lights are on sale with 45% OFF giving them a final price of $50.99. Why wouldn’t you buy them for more security of your home?!

50W & 10W Floodlights on sale for Christmas!


Last, but certainly not least in our Santa Sale. The 50W & 10W Floodlights. The 50W RGB floodlight would be a fantastic addition to any home. It is certainly not just for Christmas. They can be used any time of the year as long as there is an event that needs brightening up! This light produces a beam that can be 16 different colors with 4 different working modes at 5500lumens. The brightness and versatility of this light is what sets it apart from others on the market.


The smaller 10W white Floodlight is also on sale this Santa Sale. Due to its small size and incredible beam it can be placed anywhere around the home to make an impact. With its individual heat sink technology and hollow back design, it will save you heaps Of cash over the holiday season while you have the brightest decorations you've ever had! Just go out and buy one. You have too!


The deals on these two great lights is:


50W RGB Floodlight has 45% OFF with a final price of $56.06

While the 10W White Floodlight has 60% OFF with a final price of $25.49

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