November. 2018

Party Lover's Gift Guide

Party Lover's Gift Guide


Gift Guide for Party Lovers!


If you’re the type of person that likes to make the most out of the holidays, then the 50W RGB Floodlight is just right for you! If you want to light up your back or front yard and be able to comfortably host events or do things in them then the 50W White Floodlight is also a perfect match for you. These lights are super powerful and can be used for any type of lighting. Task, general or accent. They can really bring a new dimension to your home if you give them a chance!


What’s on Offer?


50W 5700K LED Floodlight is having a huge discount with 44% OFF: Final Price $49.99!


50W RGB LED Floodlight is also having a huge discount with 34% off: Final Price $65.99!


These are two great offers especially on two lightweight portable incredibly powerful LED Floodlights!


What do they bring to my home?


They bring brightness, color and another dimension to your home. They can both illuminate your yard or building perfectly and this brings a whole new meaning to accent lighting. As you can get accent lighting from the RGB in 16 different colors covering a huge area. These two lights are small and portable for the light they produce, they are outstanding.


How to Get One?


If you would like to get one of these great lights or both of them, you can head over to SANSI’s official Website page here:


LED Plant Light Bulb