November. 2018

Gift Guide for Workshop Lovers

Gift Guide for Workshop Lovers


Gift Guide for Workshop Lovers


The Gift Guide for Workshop Lovers for this year’s Black Friday has some great features of light’s than can actually be used all over the home. The Omni-directional dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs are on sale and they can be placed all around the home. They come in two color temperatures of 3000K and 5000K and are incredibly bright. They emit a yellow whitish glow that will light up any area they are put into.


The Deals


So, what are the deals for this Black Friday?


The 27W Omni-directional non-dimmable two packs in both 3000K & 5000K are 29% OFF for this Black Friday.


The 27W Omni-directional dimmable two pack of bulbs in both 3000K & 5000K are 33% OFF this Black Friday.


What you are getting?


By using this great Gift Guide, you would be grabbing yourself a bargain of two incredibly powerful bulbs that will light up your home. In fact, these bulbs are so bright they are even used by some of our customers as outdoor lights. As long as they are not in enclosed fixtures they will perform wonderfully for you and illuminate wherever you wish!


Energy Efficient


These bulbs have been designed in order to dissipate heat effectively in order to produce the brightest beam using the least amount of energy. This means that you really will be getting your money’s worth this week if you make a purchase now!


How to buy?


If you would like to buy these fantastic lights with these huge reductions, then good on you! You just need to go to SANSI’s official website listed below in order to make a purchase:


27W Omni-directional non-dimmable