November. 2018




Black Friday Is Coming!

The biggest shopping day of the year is here! Black Friday is coming and everybody needs to get ready! SANSI is having a huge sale based around all of our best sellers! By using our “Gift Guides” you can narrow down what you’re looking for and grab a great deal!

Gift guides


Our Gift Guides are here to please all of our customer’s with a wide variety of products on offer. Our Gift Guides include; A Gift guide for Homeowners, Gardeners, Party Lovers and Workshop lovers. The products on offer on these gift guides are our best-selling 30W Security Lights; 50W White LED & RGB Floodlights; 27W Omni-directional bulbs 3000K & 5000K and the 15W Flowering Grow Light. The deals on offer with these products are huge so go ahead and take advantage of them!


The Deals


All of the products within the Gift Guides for Homeowners and Gardeners will have 33% off.

Gift Guide for Workshop lovers

The 27W Omni-directional 3000K & 5000K Non-dimmable bulbs are on sale with 29% off.

While the 27W Omni-directional 3000K & 5000K Dimmable bulbs are on sale with 33% off.


Gift Guide for Party Lovers

The 50W White LED 50W Floodlight will have a whopping 44% off.


The 50W RGB LED Floodlight will have a significant 33% off also.


Coupon Codes

Not only will you be getting large discounts on our best selling products this Black Friday. You also have the chance to get even further discounts using our designated flash sale coupon codes. To keep the party going!

Over 11/19 - 11/22 and 11/24 - 11/25 current members can enjoy 10% off while new members have the chance to get 20% off using the coupon code: GETSGIFT


From the 11/23 and 11/26 On orders over $100 you get $23 off using the discount code: BLACKFRI


From 11/19 - 11/26 you will get a free 15W Flowering Grow Light on orders over $200.


So this Black Friday don’t sit back and wait get straight onto SANSI and Brighten up your day! 


You can get onto our Black Friday Activity page here to enjoy our special offers: