November. 2018

Grab a Light You Love Today!

Grab a Light You Love Today!


I purchased 4 of these lights for my home. I planned on growing two different plants in order to test these lights out. I used two of the lights to grow some African Violets and the other two to grow some orchids. Due to the fact that African Violets and Orchids have different lighting requirement and intensities I thought it would be good to see how versatile these lights can be.


What am I growing?


African Violets are day-neutral plants that require a relatively low intensity light with around 8-12 hours of light exposure. Whereas Orchids need intense light from anywhere between 12-14 hours a day. Making them quite a demanding plant to grow outside of a tropical environment.


How did it go?


Considering African Violets and Orchids are two of the most common indoor plants, I have seen a lot of them. However, I have not seen them grow up so fast and look so colorful until now. Their leaves look green and luscious, their flowers are bright and vibrant. It’s almost like they’ve grown better in doors than they would have outside. I’m in love with my new plants and its all thanks to SANSI. I would gladly recommend them to anyone planning on growing any plants indoors.


What made this grow different?  


The lights! These lights looked and performed different to any other light I had used before. These lights were powerful, efficient, bright and fitted into my home great. I really liked how the lights looked as they had a white porcelain look so they looked like decorations as oppose to lights. The light they emitted was a natural white daylight beam that also helped bring a bit more brightness into the room.


SANSI 30W Grow Light


Now that I’ve told you what these lights can do. I feel it will be great to tell you the specifications so you can make an informed purchase. The SANSI 30W Grow Light produces a full spectrum daylight beam. This means that it replicates natural light that comes from the sun. The spectrum for this light’s beam is; Blue (400-499nm) 19.46%, Green (500-599nm) 37.70%, Red (600-699) 36.23% and Far Red (700-780nm) 6.61% respectively. Giving you a well-balanced full spectrum beam that is capable of recreating the sun in small spaces.


The Design


The design of this light is unique. It has a hollow base in order to promote heat dissipation. And the honeycomb structure of the LED bulbs no only looks aesthetically pleasing it is also about conserving energy through heat reduction. Overall, these lights look futuristic, unique and will make you and your plants incredibly happy.


Buying one


If you would like to buy one of SANSI’s 30W Grow lights you can do so on SANSI’s website here: