October. 2018

The SANSI 40W Grow Light is Ideal for the Office

The SANSI 40W Grow Light is Ideal for the Office


Getting natural light in my office


I purchased 2 40W full spectrum grow lights for my office table last week and haven’t looked back. I had a couple of small office plants just for my desk as I wanted to brighten up my table. However, they seemed to be really struggling to grow. Not a lot of natural light gets into the office and a lot of days are overcast in winter; so I thought the best solution would be to purchase a grow light.


Grabbing attention


Initially I was worried about bringing in two grow lights and bothering the other people in the office. In case they were too big, too bright or too colorful. To my surprise they fitted well into the office and become part of the room. They sparked a curiosity in the room. My coworkers were passing by asking what are they? Where did I buy them? Are they making a difference to my desk? Yes, they did. They made a huge difference to my mood, my plants and my office.    


What makes them so good?


For me, it was the light they produced. This light was natural daylight. It was like having two miniature suns at my desk. They not only helped my plants grow, they brightened up the room. Also the natural white light that they put out helped me with my work. Due to the fact that the light was so natural it really helped me perform tasks and sit at my desk more comfortably. Before this I was thinking about getting a grow light that produced a different color, but in the end I made the right choice. The beam produced by these lights not only helped my plants grow they also made me more comfortable at work. For this, I will always be glad I bought them. 


What will I do in the future?


The future looks bright! Especially where these lights are concerned. Since everyone in the office kept asking where I’d got them I think first will be to give some to other people in the office. After this I’ll try putting some in at home. I love indoor gardening and I love the effect these bulbs had on me. I’m looking forward to buying a load more in the future!


Getting some for yourself


If you would like to get one or more of these great lights you can head over to SANSI’s Amazon store:




or our own website: