October. 2018

Grab a 40W Grow Light and Create Your Own Indoor Garden

Grab a 40W Grow Light and Create Your Own Indoor Garden


The SANSI 40W full spectrum Grow Light is one of the best bulbs you can get on the market. Trust me I tried it out. I began with using a SANSI 15W full spectrum grow light and it went so well I decided to scale up. I now own a total of 4 lights. 2 15W grow lights and 2 40W grow lights. Fortunately, thanks to the light’s white light and light weight, even four of them don’t interfere with my home.


What makes them different?  


What really makes these bulbs stand out is their daylight full spectrum beam; their design and how easily they can fit into the home. Their design not only gives them a unique look, it also boosts their performance. The honeycomb design of the bulb is not only aesthetically pleasing. It was engineered this way. The honeycomb design has been used in numerous engineering and scientific applications and now it is time for LED lighting. The honeycomb design not only promotes great heat dissipation it also helps the production and weight of the light. The adoption of using a ceramic honeycomb structure for the light allows there to be less material used in the production in the light; making the light environmentally friendly from its production right the way through to it performing in your home.


How does it Promote Growth?


This light promotes growth with its super bright evenly distributed full spectrum beam. The spectrum of this light is Blue (400-499nm) 19.46%, Green (500-599nm) 37.70%, Red (600-699nm) 36.23%, Far Red (700-780nm) 6.61%. Each LED chip distributes these colors together in order to produce a natural daylight beam. Each color on the spectrum has a specific role that helps plants to grow healthier and faster. Without being too specific, blue light promotes the absorption of chlorophyll and carotenoid which help the stem and the roots. Green light helps with photosynthesis and the shape of the plant. While red light helps with fruiting and blooming.




These lights have been shown to make a huge difference on a wide variety of plants within 2 weeks. Due to the light providing a full spectrum beam it produces a comfortable white light to fit well within the home. The light’s natural white light coupled with its light weight design makes it easy to scale up and purchase a few lights without any problems. The best thing about these light’s is the great light they produce relative to their size. They produce a light way more intense light than you would think from their size. They have turned a beginner indoor gardener into a keen enthusiast and I can’t suggest them enough. So go grab one! Or Three!


Grab Hold of One!


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