October. 2018

Indoor Gardening Made Easy with the SANSI 15W Grow Light

Indoor Gardening Made Easy with the SANSI 15W Grow Light


Indoor Gardening

Growing indoors for anyone can be difficult. From beginners to enthusiasts the hardest task is recreating natural sunlight. However, with full spectrum bulbs it is now possible. Both fluorescent and LED bulbs can now produce light with a uniform spectrum. However, there are a few benefits to adopting LED grow lights over fluorescent. LED grow lights can produce a full spectrum of light while using half the energy of a fluorescent bulb.


Using the 15W grow light

This 15W full spectrum grow light emits a red beam in order to promote flowering. Depending on the plants you are growing you may need varying intensities of light. This bulb is more than capable of meeting the higher intensity plants such as Orchids, gardenias and citrus. However, if you place it in a higher it is still the ideal light for plants that require lower intensities of light. Due to its small size and E26 base, this light can be installed anywhere around the home in order to meet your needs. For a grow light this light is incredibly versatile and this all stems from its design and performance.


Unique Design

First of all, what separates this light from the majority of LED lights is its use of ceramic. Most LED grow lights use aluminum and glue the LED chips onto it using adhesives and PC boards. However, SANSI’s lights have been engineered to be different. They use ceramic, unlike aluminum, it is a non-conductive material, so the LED chips can be stuck directly onto the ceramic body. This allows for there to be less parts within the bulb resulting in less heat created and less energy wasted. Overall, creating a more energy efficient bulb. The ability to dissipate heat for this light is further shown by its hollow base. The hollow base design of this bulb along with the use of ceramic allows this bulb to produce minimal heat. The lack of heat created from this light along with its powerful full spectrum beam contributes to its immense performance.


Immense performance

This light performs outstandingly within the home. First of all, due to its light weight design it can be put anywhere. The beam is a deep but bright red with a full spectrum of light. The light’s spectrum is Blue (400-499nm) 14.98%, Green (500-599nm) 4.42%, Red (600-699nm) 65.35%, Far Red (700-780nm) 15.25% respectively. This shows that although this light is favored towards flowering with its prominent use of red light, it still produces a full spectrum of light in order to produce the healthiest flowers possible. Furthermore, due to the light’s ability to efficiently dissipate heat better than other lamps on the market, it is able to be used in much smaller spaces than its competitors. The way this light can be used indoors in very small spaces whilst producing a bright beam synonymous with natural sunlight is exactly why they should be flying off shelves everywhere.


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