October. 2018

Shanghai SANSI Poised For Success

Shanghai SANSI Poised For Success


The History of SANSI

Founded in 1993, SANSI was based around the core values of innovation, sustainability and commitment. SANSI has always been a long sighted company and have stayed dedicated to their corporate values and their industry from the start. This has made SANSI one of the biggest LED producers in the world. To help maintain the high production numbers and to monitor the quality SANSI decides to produce everything in-house. This in-house approach has led to a large scale investment into 3 different production bases and a large team of over 500 R&D technicians. This allows the company’s supply chains to be fast and flexible in order to achieve their goal of constant improvement.  


What Sets SANSI Apart

One of the main attributes that sets SANSI apart from other companies on the market is their commitment to performance and quality. This is highlighted by their large investment into research and development and how they choose to produce everything in-house.


Why is in-house so important?

Developing SANSI products from our labs to commercialization was always the goal and has been the reason for SANSI’s long-term development. Our in-house approach has created some huge benefits for us. Such as; quality improvement, production control and a transparent supply chain. These have all come out of us having full control of our product’s journey from their design right the way through to being in your local Wal-Mart store.


Our Supply chain

We pride ourselves on producing high quality distinct products and our supply chain enables us to do this. We purchase all of the raw materials needed to create our bulbs. Our main purchases are obviously ceramic as it is one of the main components of our bulbs. We buy the ceramic in large batches and use our own machines in order to press and shape the ceramic into our patented individual heat sinks needed for each light. Along with this our motion sensors and bulbs are also shaped and printed individually in our manufacturing warehouse.


The overarching strength of our supply chain is that it is fully overseen by us. Every product being designed, prototyped and produced is fully tested and monitored under the watchful eyes of our team. This results in SANSI producing the best quality goods they can and promoting a learning loop that in the long-term is always aiming to produce better products.



The well integrated supply chain’s benefits are fully reflected in the light’s performance. They really do outshine other energy efficient light bulbs on the market. For the wattage that is used, these bulbs produce an unparalleled beam. Along with the brightness, the energy saved by these bulbs adopting ceramic technology leads to a large reduction in energy bills as well. From vast amount of investment into research to the meticulously observed supply chain, the performance of these bulbs is unsurprising to us. Let their beam surprise you. 


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