October. 2018




Happy Halloween  


Be prepared to get scared as Halloween is almost here! Halloween is all about aesthetics. Your costume, your make-up and decorations all play a huge part in creating the atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a party or playing host to trick or treaters the colors and effects are all part of Halloween. What better way to create celebrate Halloween with a captivating light display.


People’s homes at Halloween are always remembered for their displays and how captivating they were. An RGB LED Floodlight could really make this year memorable. There are some huge benefits to adopting an RGB LED Floodlight and using them as part of your festive displays and here are some reasons why:


Benefits of RGB for Festive Lighting


First of all, they’re easy to install and control. Something that can be easily controlled and produce lighting displays in various colors at varying intervals is ideal for any festivity. Even more so, Halloween.  


LED Floodlights are super bright. Lighting up your entire front or back yard with one of these would create a great atmosphere for Halloween.


LED’s although are more bright than other types of lights. They’re incredibly energy efficient. Meaning using these instead of traditional lights to decorate for Halloween would save you money on your energy bills.


What sets this apart  


This 50W LED RGB Floodlight is different to those on the market because of the brightness it can produce. The brightness that comes from this light is astonishing. The amount of energy this light uses in order to produce such a wide ranging bright beam, clarifies SANSI’s high investment strategy into R&D. Proving them to be one of the most tech savvy and cost effective LED companies on the market.


Making a purchase


If you would like to purchase this light you can find our RGB Floodlight here at: