October. 2018

Grab the Best Holiday Light You Can!

Grab the Best Holiday Light You Can!


SANSI’s RGB Light Ideal for the Modern World


The demand for LED lighting has increased dramatically in recent years. This has been due to consumer’s increased awareness in LED light’s capabilities and performance. There is no light that can highlight these capabilities more than the 50W SANSI RGB Floodlight. Modern cities, towns and homes are all shifting towards smart and colorful lighting. Landmarks, water features and special occasions for years have been crying out for something cheap and reliable to accentuate their beauty. An RGB Flood light is the answer.


Why an RGB Floodlight?


RGB Floodlights are a great choice because of their versatility. Due to the fact that they can produce super bright, wide ranging beams of various colors. It is one of the very few lights that can be used both statically and dynamically. Static referring to when the multiple colors of the light are used to provide accent lighting to objects or buildings. Dynamic referring to when the multiple strobe and flash functions are used along with the various colors in order provide the mood for occasions.


Grab A Great Light


The two biggest factors that come into consideration when people are making purchases are price and performance. Overall, everyone is looking for value for money and SANSI guarantee this every time.


SANSI’s 50W RGB Floodlight is a distinct looking high performance LED Floodlight. Like their other products, it is set apart from their competitor’s lights on the market. This distinction comes from their unique design, use of ceramic and their internationally patented individual pixel heat sink technology®.  




This light uses highly innovative technology especially in regards to heat dissipation. There are three main reasons this light is so good at dissipating heat. The light’s unique hollow body design, its patented heat sink technology® and the ceramic body that the LED chips are glued onto. Although these three features look futuristic and aesthetically pleasing, their main objective is to increase the overall efficiency of the light. And they do it well! The use of a hollow body at the back along with individual heat sinks for the LED chips allows the heat created by the chips to be dissipated incredibly quickly. The use of ceramic allows the LED chips to be stuck straight onto the body meaning there are no internal fans or adhesives being used. Fewer parts mean less heat is created. Producing an overall more efficient and cooler light.


What makes this light different?


What makes this light different is its brightness. This kind of brightness, using this type of technology, at this price is unheard of. Its astonishing to think that this light only uses 50Watts for the beam it puts out.  


In terms of numbers this light produces 5500lm from 50Watts of power giving the light a luminous flux of 100lm/Watt. To grasp a better understanding of the illuminating and intensity of this light the lux can be calculated. A lux is equal to 1lm per square meter, so with 5500lm, an average sized yard or home will be brighter than ever before!




The light it emits is incredibly bright and wide reaching. The light produces a 120° beam angle that is 5500 lumens bright. A light that can produce these kind of lumens at that wide of an angle is bound to light up your yard. Since this light was built around the concept of being incredibly bright while saving energy. The hollow body and use of ceramic with no extra internal parts make it very light for something so powerful. The power and the efficient cooling system of this light allow it to outperform other lights on the market in all sorts of scenarios. There is no place where this light is out of its depth. Its large bright beam is ideal for outdoor use and its superior cooling technology allows it to function just as well in enclosed small spaces. This kind of versatility contrasts previously used halogen floodlights who were known to struggle in small spaces due to the heat they generated. Rated at IP65 means that it can also withstand harsh weather. The lightweight durable design coupled with its super bright range of colored beams make this light able to be put up pretty much anywhere.  


Choosing The right light


When looking for a Floodlight the questions usually are; will it be reliable? Is it bright enough? Is it worth the money? The SANSI 50W RGB Floodlight answers all of these questions and more. It is worth investing in as it is more than just a generic RGB light. Its versatile, its reliable, its sleek, its exactly what you want in a light. This light has an array of functions and a beam that allows it to outperform its competitors in almost any setting. With its remarkable light output it has to become one of the most popular lights on the market.