September. 2018

National Coffee Day!

National Coffee Day!


National Coffee Day

September 29th marks a celebratory day of one of our nation’s favorite drink. Coffee! Making today National Coffee Day for us all, Woohoo! So what better place to begin celebrating this great day within your own home.


Almost everybody loves coffee for its smooth taste, practical uses and the way it keeps up “grounded” throughout the week. We’ve all “bean” there when we’re having a tough week, you’ve woken up hazy thinking its Saturday but its only Wednesday. So in a bid to make the upcoming week a little easier why not stock up on the great coffee deals that are being offered on behalf of this day!


So to celebrate the day here are some bizarre facts to get you in the mood:


The average American spends nearly $1000 a year on coffee.

Instant coffee was first used as early as 1771 in England before becoming patented in the U.S in 1910.


Finally, and possibly most bizarrely. Beethoven would only drink a cup of the good stuff if it was made using only 60 beans per cup!


Now you’re probably wondering where does SANSI come into all of this. Coffee? Waking up? Beethoven?


Where does SANSI fit into all of this


Well SANSI, like your coffee, wants to be a part of your day. We want to make waking up easier and doing general tasks better. And this is exactly what we can do if given the chance. You see our new 13W Plain Light bulb would be the ideal supplement to your morning coffee in a bid to wake you up in the morning. It’s super bright beam shining at 3000K would be like having a coffee outside on a fresh spring morning. SANSI aims to make your lighting as natural as possible. And it couldn’t get anymore natural than when you’re standing in the kitchen first thing in the morning!


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