September. 2018

SANSI Grow Lights Changed My Home

SANSI Grow Lights Changed My Home


My First Grow

Recently I’d taken an interest in growing plants indoors. With the growing trends in farm to fork restaurants and grocery stores. People seem to be taking ownership of their food or plants back. So I felt it would be good for me to take some things back too. I’d always been intrigued whenever I went into people’s homes and saw rows of different colored lights tending to different plants. There was something tranquil and therapeutic about it that gave the house a calmness and comfort I felt my home was missing.


So I decided to go out and search for a light that would be good for a beginner like myself. For my first indoor grow I thought it would be a good idea to start small and if it went well I’d scale up in time. I didn’t really know where to begin so I just went to Amazon and this is where I found SANSI’s LED 15W Grow Light. The light had a ton of reviews and all of them were highly positive. Praising the bulb for having a well-rounded spectrum that their plants responded really well too. These led me to make the purchase for my first indoor grow light.


The perfect Light

I chose the SANSI 15W Grow Light for its size and power to begin with. I felt that the low wattage and small size would make it a great indoor grow light for a beginner. The unique white design and great performance were added bonuses. The performance of the light shocked me. Within two weeks it’s presence was obvious. My plants were blossoming and I hadn’t done much myself! I can’t stop bragging to my friends about it!  


What it done for my home

This grow light brought something new and fresh to my home. With its sleek white design, it looks delicate and futuristic. It’s become a part of the décor in my home. The whitish soft glow it emits brings sunshine indoors even on rainy days. For me, the SANSI 15W indoor grow light has changed my home for the better and has only made my passion for indoor gardening grow.


What set it apart?


After speaking to some of my friends and looking on forums it seemed I’d hit the jackpot. First of all, the light was highly energy efficient, saving me a huge amount of money on my electricity bills. The energy efficiency of the bulb came from its unique design. The ceramic hollow body definitely makes the light incredibly efficient at dissipating heat. This is because ceramic is non-conductive so the LED chips can be placed directly onto the body of the bulb. This means less parts and no internal fans. The hollow body of the bulb complements the ceramic structure by creating more space for the heat created to dissipate into. Having a bulb that has adopted this along with its own Individual Heat Sink Technology®. You’re going to make some savings.


Another great feature of this bulb was that it was full spectrum. This meant that the bulbs produce a stunning natural white beam that’s almost identical natural sun light. The natural soft light produced by these bulbs is due to them having evenly distributed spectrums of light, just as the sun does. Blue (19.46%), Green (37.70%) Red (36.23%) Far Red (6.61%) with a µmol/s rating of 20, 67 and 98 respectively.


What’s Next?

Due to the success of my 15W bulb I definitely want to scale up and grow more indoor plants. The leaves on my plants are glowing and my flowers are looking so vibrant I can’t stop looking at them. In the future I want to purchase some more 15W bulbs along with the SANSI 40W full spectrum in order to grow some bigger plants. I’m so excited to see the progress of my plants and I can’t wait to fill my house with more homegrown plants.