September. 2018




Football Season is Back!


Its September this month everyone and this can only mean one thing. Football season is back on! Week 1 of the season is always a tough one as no one is completely sure how things will go.


Highlights of Week 1


The highlights of week 1 has to go to Aaron Rogers. Showing to everyone that he is a leader of men. After going off in the first half with what looked like a nasty knee injury. He came back on in the second to throw a 39-yard touchdown pass to give his team the victory.


The Bills got off to a nightmare start, while the Jaguars carried on their winning ways from last season. Last but definitely not least. The one. The only. Tom Brady. Showing absolutely no signs of ageing and is the epitome of a fine wine. Getting better with age.


With that being a brief roundup of the first week of the new NFL season maybe it is time to delve into some of the more


LED Lights and NFL

On the Up

Since the creation of LED’s there’s been an upward trend of them being used for sporting events. From the World Cup, to Tennis, to the Super Bowl, their popularity has risen dramatically. The 2015, 49th Annual Super Bowl in the Phoenix Stadium was the first Super Bowl to be played under LED lights. Following on from this the use of LED lights for stadiums has increased.


The upward trend of Led lights in the NFL is going to continue to grow as the U.S Bank Stadium, Mercedes-Benz stadium and Hard Rock stadium are all now using advanced LED lighting solutions for game day. They’ve been adopted due to the many benefits of using LED’s and a few can be listed below.    


The Benefits of LED lighting in NFL

LED’s are known for their energy efficiency. But what else could they provide for an NFL team? They provide a natural soft light incredibly similar to that of daylight. This is ideal especially for indoor stadiums. They also require no time to heat up, which makes them turn on immediately when called upon. Another huge benefit of using LED lights for NFL matches is that they are flicker free. This means that for the fans at home the action slow motion replays are a much higher quality picture. If LED bulbs can provide you with all of these benefits while saving you money, why not get some of your own!


SANSI Bulbs Can Do the Same

SANSI 16W bulbs can bring you all of the same benefits highlighted by the NFL’s adoption of LED’s. Our bulbs can bring natural bright daylight into your home. While being reliable, healthy and save you money. However, with SANSI you get more than a standard LED light. You get something unique. Its distinct look and patented heat sink technology will bring you something that’s going to stand out in more than one way. Its appearance and high performance will make your neighbors and friends nag you until you tell them where you got it. 

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