September. 2018

National Read A Book Day

National Read A Book Day


National Read a Book Day

This week has an old school type holiday to celebrate. This Thursday 6th September, was National Read A Book Day. Books have always been an integral part of our lives and its time for them to come back. Our lives are too heavily dictated by technology So tomorrow try refrain from binge watching your favorite Netflix series and try sitting down with a book. Some huge benefits can come from reading and engaging with a book. So as national read a book day is coming let's all get our Reading glasses on.


Reasons to Read

There is a huge number of benefits to reading so I will only list a few. Relaxation. Stepping out of the modern world that's saturated with various stimuli. It's great to sit down and just do one thing. This can not only be therapeutic; it Secondly it will improve your memory. Yes, reading not only expands your vocabulary, if you're reading something filled with different characters and twists and turns this all requires memory. Last but not least, it will also improve Focus and concentration are important skills to hone in order to get the most out of the other parts of your day. There are also many other aspects why reading is great and why everyone should do it However, some of us can need the right setting to do it and this is whereSANSI 16W bulbs comes in.   


How Can SANSI Help?

The light of the soft yellowish glow and high CRI it will provide the right color and brightness to help your reading. The light's super bright beam along with its warm color temperature will be able to provide you With the light you of along with bringing comfort to the room. A color temperature of around 3000K although can be seen as a little low down the scale for tasks. SANSI's 16W bulb has a lower color temperature and powerful beam for a reason. They are there to support all of your daily tasks and not just one specifically. This is what really sets these bulbs apart from the rest on the market. They're adaptable, useful and long lasting.  


Grab a Deal Today

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