March. 2018

Sansi’s Full Cycle Grow Lights are the Perfect Gift for You, Your Home, and Your Office.

    By Justin Barlock

  Sansi’s Full Cycle Grow Lights are the Perfect Gift for You, Your Home, and Your Office.                                                                 


I bought 24 of these grow light bulbs. I’ll admit, I bought a few too many. However, these grow lights are beautiful and I’m finding new spaces for each light I purchased on Amazon.

The grow light itself functions like a regular light bulb with a traditional E26 screw in base. Each bulb is 15 watts and comes in 3 lighting options (vegetative, flowering, full cycle). The vegetative and flowering bulbs emit a purplish glow and the full cycle bulb emits a white/yellow glow. The full cycle bulb is one of my 2 favorite grow lights I’ve ever used and I’d recommend this bulb to anyone wanting to add a touch of beauty to their home or office.

These bulbs are not intended for you to be able to grow mini farms in your office or home…that is unless you have 24 of these lights where a mini farm would then be possible! These bulbs however are intended to bring a meaningful and beautiful light to your space to allow you to grow a small plant or two. The light is easy on the eyes and the spectrum within the light is meaningful to what you are growing.

I keep using the word beautiful to describe the full cycle light. Sansi’s Full Cycle Grow Light Bulbs are visually soothing and bring a sense of tranquility to its environment. This is strictly my opinion but purplish grow lights in an office or home environment are visually not my preference. Although it’s a nice purplish glow, I’d personally prefer a whitish grow while sitting in my office cubicle or preparing a meal in the kitchen. The purplish lights are incredibly effective and are the ideal choice for larger greenhouse growers and for personal growers where visual appearance is not a concern (think the basement).

I’m currently building some shelves for my office where I’ll have some plants growing. It’s going to be my personal grow wall. I’ll be using 6 full cycle lights to cover the wall. My office space lacks significant sunlight as I’m surrounded by tress so I’m looking forward to these lights providing extra light to a naturally darker area.

If you work in an office setting, I’d recommend using a simple office desk lamp with a flexible neck. The office lamp I use is 18” long and it works just fine. I also use a timer so I don’t have to worry about turning the light on and off throughout my work week. I like to keep my light on 10-12 hours during the day and I make sure my plants go dark during the night.

I’m now in the habit of gifting these lights to friends and family and the feedback I receive has been great. I laugh about it thinking I’m giving people the gift of light. They’re easy to use and they promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s satisfying knowing that a beautiful light is helping a plant grow right before your eyes. I highly recommend introducing the Sansi Full Cycle Grow Light to your home and office workspace.


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