September. 2018

Brighten Up The Home With 13W Bulbs

Brighten Up The Home With 13W Bulbs

My Problem

A few months ago the bulb went in my bedroom. Then the desk lamp. Then the living room. It was as if the bulbs in my home were trying to recreate some sort of bus stop cliché. Where one doesn’t come for forever, then out of nowhere three come at once. This is sort of what happened in a less dramatic sense in my home. One bulb blew and the others just appeared to follow suit.


Want Something Long Lasting

I awoke the next day and thought no more. I want a bulb that will last me years. I’m willing to pay whatever it takes in order to get a more reliable and brighter bulb. I went out and looked for something durable, sleek that could provide my home with natural light. The SANSI 13W LED bulb definitely done this.  


First Impressions

After unpackaging the bulb, I took it out of the box. It had a distinct look and design. The hollow base and pure white ceramic body set it apart from other bulbs I’d used before. I felt like for my first LED purchase I had jumped right into the futuristic deep end. But I didn’t regret it. I liked the pure white robotic design. It looked the part, now it was time to find out if it could live up to my expectations...



I installed one in my bedroom, one in my desk lamp and two in my living room. The rooms have never been brighter. The bulbs I bought were 3000K and they brought a soft yellowish natural glow to all of my rooms. I thought when I first saw the color on the website that 3000K wouldn’t give a natural look to my home. But I was wrong. They brought out the natural colors of the objects in the room. This bulb brought more comfort to my bedroom and living room. Also its brightness made it a great addition as a desk lamp. I don’t like to study with a light that is too bright or too close to white light. Especially for evening work, so the bright yellowish tint made it more suitable for me. However, there is a 5000K white light bulb, for those of you who prefer working under whiter light.  


The future is bright

I plan on buying another box of these four bulbs to fill up the rest of my home. I would definitely be recommending them to family and friends. I love my new lights. I love their look, their design, their performance and the way they’re saving me money on my bills. I’m even going out to purchase some for my parents.


Making a purchase

If you plan on buying some of these great bulbs you can head over to SANSI’s Amazon store:


With their high performance and great price, it’s a purchase you won’t regret!