August. 2018

Family Fun Month

Family Fun Month

Family Fun month

This time of year is all about family. The kids are off school. The sun is shining bright. There’s not a cloud in the sky and the backyard is looking more and more inviting. So before the kids are back to school and you’re back to the same old routine again. Maybe try something different for family fun month!


Stay around the home

Everyone knows that summer can be chaotic especially with younger children throughout the holidays. You’re trying to keep them occupied and think that getting the out the house is the solution to this. However, if the weather is permitting why not try some activities in the backyard.


Backyard Ideas


Camping in the backyard can be a great family activity. It’s great as it doesn’t require a lot of stuff. Once you have a tent and some sleeping bags, you’re all good to go! If you’re not natural campers maybe you can add some glamour to the camping by already preparing the food in your home. Making the most of the outdoors and your home will be a great way to spend time with everyone.


Outdoor Movie

If you have the right equipment these can be a great way of combining nature with cinema. You just need a garage or shed door, a white sheet and a projector. The you’re good to go! Stock up on snacks and some comfy seats and you’ve got yourself an outdoor cinema in the comfort of your own home. 


LED Floodlight

The best option of lighting for backyard fun would be SANSI’s 50W LED Floodlight. With its super bright beam and simple set up. It creates a great ambience for any evening activity. The Floodlight is ideal for backyard activities as it is incredibly adaptable. It is lightweight so it can be fixed up high as a downlight. Or if you are planning on camping or an outdoor movie it can also be placed down with its adjustable bracket to be used as an up light. With its super powerful beam, simple instillation and adaptability. Our  Super Bright SANSI LED Floodlight will be a great summer purchase for your home and your future summers.  


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