July. 2018

SANSI's 2nd Anniversary

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SANSI LED 2nd Anniversary Blog


An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. Here at SANSI we would like to celebrate all three of these things by looking over our past two years of business, our successes so far and our future developments for you all.


Who are SANSI


SANSI was established in 1993 under the three main pillars of innovation, sustainability and commitment and has remained a market leader ever since. SANSI’s flexible supply chains and high quality products have enabled them to become a global leader in B2C and B2B e-commerce for LED lighting solutions and displays.   


SANSI’s commitment to research and development is what drives the quality and innovation of their products. With over 400 engineers and 372 domestic and international patents it is clear to see why our products reach across 40 nations.


Due to the fact SANSI has had such great past success, it is no surprise that our product lines and customer base is continuing to grow. This led to the development of SANSI LED Lighting. A branch of the SANSI Technology group that retails LED lights, bulbs and solutions specifically for consumers.


SANSI Technology


SANSI’s super bright LEDs are known for their unique design, high quality and great performance. Our unique design stems from our high investment in research and development. This has allowed us to produce the best products on the market. Our bulbs are based around our patented heat dissipation technology and the use of ceramics. These allow our products to use less parts within the LED bulb which results in better heat dissipation and an overall more efficient bulb.


SANSI Lighting’s 2nd Anniversary

Our 2nd Anniversary is here to celebrate the establishment of SANSI LED Lighting, our new 50W LED Floodlight and our discount offerings. SANSI LED Lighting became a retail branch of the SANSI brand due to the initial success our LED Security Lights. Two years later and with a wide array of LED products SANSI LED lighting is proving to be a huge success. Although our product range is already highly diversified from LED Grow Lights, LED Omni-Directional Bulbs to super bright LED Security Lights. For our 2nd Anniversary we’d like to introduce you to our brand new release. The 50W LED Floodlight.


50W LED Outdoor Floodlight


Super Bright and unique design

SANSI’s brand new super bright 50W LED Outdoor Floodlight is ideal for a wide number of applications. This uniquely designed Floodlight produces a brightness of 3500Lumens and a color temperature of 5700K from just 8 LED bulbs. This outdoor Floodlight is also a 350W equivalent.



This incredibly powerful Floodlight is easily portable and can be set up anywhere to fit your needs. The Floodlight’s plastic frame and stainless steel bracket make it incredibly light and durable. Exactly what you need in an outdoor light.  


This LED 50W Floodlight’s size and dimensions also contribute to its easy use and adaptability. 





The 50W LED Floodlight is unique for two reasons. The hollow body design and its ceramic patented independent pixel heat dissipation technology®. These both contribute to better heat dissipation of the light and it overall efficiency. Meaning this light can save you up to 88% on your electricity bills!




To make the most of this new release we are offering our new 50W LED Floodlight at a sales price of $59.99. Along with this already great offering there is a coupon code: NEWPRIME that can be applied on our SANSI LED website or on Amazon in order to get an extra 20% off.

These great deals can be found here:



So remember so go onto either our SANSI LED webpage or our Amazon product page in order to purchase our brand new Floodlight. Anniversaries are about celebrating and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing after you purchase your first 50W LED Floodlight.


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