July. 2018

How Dimmable LED Bulbs Will Transform Your Home

How Dimmable LED Bulbs Will Transform Your Home


The lighting in your home can really affect your mood, the way you carry out tasks and most importantly your health. Although the rooms in your house having

lights in places that are too bright or to dim may not be life threatening. It is not optimal. Here at SANSI we have designed out products to be optimal in both their performance and in their application. Our products should be purchased in order to make your life easier and more comfortable. If used correctly our Omni-directional Dimmable Bulbs can do just that. 


How Do Dimmable Bulbs Help me?

There are a number of different benefits to adopting LED Dimmable Bulbs for your home.


Wide Applications

This is probably the biggest positive to purchasing LED dimmable bulbs. Their range of brightness really enables them to be used anywhere within your home. SANSI’s LED Dimmable bulbs are flicker free and really have a smooth dim from 0-100% 


The smoothness and range of the dim with SANSI Dimmable bulbs allows them to provide your home with all types of lighting. Including accent, task and ambient lighting.


The ability of Dimmable Bulbs to go from being super bright task lighting to dimming down and be able to provide ambience for a movie. Is the reason why interior designers love them and they are one of our best sellers.


Energy Efficient and Healthy


The use of dimmables is incredibly energy saving as their energy and light output can be altered. SANSI’s Dimmable LED Bulbs have a life span of 22.8 years and can save you up to 88% on your electricity bills. So although there may be a higher initial cost when purchasing our LED Bulbs. With the discounts we offer and the lifespan our lights provide. You will be saving a lot of money in the long term. Due to the lights flicker free and easily variable light output, they can also really help reduce eyestrain. Promoting the use of a healthy light within your home.



SANSI LED Dimmable Bulbs


There are two SANSI LED Dimmable Bulbs currently available:


The 27W 3500lm 3000K 250W equivalent


17W 2500lm 3000K 15-200W equivalent.


The 27W LED Dimmable bulb comes in an A21 shape with an E26 base. Which means it ca be put into all home fixtures.


The 17W LED Dimmable Bulb comes in an A19 shape with an E26 base. Making it slightly smaller in height and width. However, apart from the power, brightness and size. The two bulbs are identical in the technology they use and the way they perform.



Both lights have smooth dimming from 0-100% and are flicker free bulbs. They possess a CRI of 80, which allows them to provide a healthy and natural color experience. One of their most impressive attributes is their 270° beam angle. Making them Omni-directional as well as dimmable. Due to the lights energy efficiency they also have an incredibly long life span of 22.8 years.



SANSI uses its patented ceramic heat dissipation technology ®. Unlike most LED’s, our LED chips do not need to be molded onto PC boards with thermal adhesives. Our LED chips are molded straight onto the ceramic. This means fewer pieces and an overall more efficient bulb. Along with the use of ceramics, the hollow base design of our bulbs is also unique and improve its performance. The use of our ceramic technology and our hollow body design leads to a bulb that is incredibly energy efficient and super bright!




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