July. 2018




Amazon Prime Day

Everybody loves a bargain and Amazon Prime Day this year will be one of the biggest bargains around. I remember the days and weeks building up to Black Friday sales. Turning the speed up on my treadmill and doing a few extra bicep curls so I was able to out run and fend of people in the store in order to get the deal I wanted.

Fortunately, now I don’t have to try harder in the gym in July! As Amazon Prime day is online and their deals last for 36 hours.


When is it

 Prime Day begins July 16th 3pm ET and goes for 36 hours finishing 3am ET July 18th.


Who Can Get It?

The Prime Day Sales are open to Amazon Prime members only. However, Prime Day is also open to new members. Due to the fact that new Amazon Prime members get their first 30 days free. It is advisable to register for Amazon Prime as soon as possible to reap the rewards. 


SANSI and Prime Day

Here at SANSI we love to take part in Prime Day and giving our customers great products at the best prices. This is why we will be selling our newest, best and brightest LED lights with huge discounts.

We will be having promotional discounts on our selected Prime Day items along with our newly released products. 

You can check out our huge discounts on our discount promotion page:

SANSI Prime Day Deals

Our discounted range will include:

30% off both of our rectangular and square dual lamp headed 30W LED Security lights

25% off our 27W and 18W LED Security Lights

Our New Release Discount will include 20% off our:

 50W LED Floodlight

 45W BR30 LED Bulb

 15W LED Downlight

These are all great deals that you won’t want to miss out on. Using this promotion page, you will be getting the brightest and newest products on the market.


SANSI Technology

It is not only SANSI’s great prices and long lasting bulbs that will push you to buy them this Prime Day. You should also purchase them for their unique style and technology. The use of ceramics and SANSI’s internationally patented independent Pixel Heat Sink Technology® that should drive you to buy them. The ceramic independent pixel heat sinks surrounding the LED module allow them to be PVC and adhesive free. This causes the heat created by the light of the bulb to be dissipated more efficiently and reduce energy losses. Thus prolonging the bulb’s life and reducing your energy bills by up for 88%. 


Prime Day

So come the 16th and 17th of July we expect to see you guys out there making the most of these huge discounts. You have to remember. We won’t miss a thing, with the amount of brightness coming from our bulbs.    


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