July. 2018

How To Enhance The Safety of Your Home With SANSI Security Lights

How To Enhance The Safety of Your Home With SANSI Security Lights


Who needs a security light?

Everybody wants to put their mind at ease by increasing the safety of their home. A security light can provide this comfort by providing light in places that leave your home feeling vulnerable. In order to get the most out of your security light here are some basic tips that will help you on your way to a safer home.


What should I do?

The first step is to do an assessment of your home. Look for your home’s entry and exit points, how much natural light do they currently receive and where are the dark areas of your home. By observing these things, you will begin to get an idea of where you need your security light to go and how many you need.  

Once you have identified the vulnerable places of your home. It is time to choose where your light will go. We suggest that you put your light in a high and out of reach fixture. This will reduce the chances of anyone being able to tamper with it.


What type of lights do I choose?

As a general rule for residential lighting it would be suggested to have security lighting at the front and back of your property. As well as using them with a combination of other lights. For the front of your home you may have path lights and it is advisable to have lighting surrounding the doors of your home. This is not only for security but to also help you get into your home and to prevent any accidents from happening.


What’s the best sensor for my home?

The most optimal type of sensor for your security light would be a motion sensor. This is because their energy saving and practical benefits. Their main practical benefit is that they grab people’s attention. As oppose to lights that are always on, are simply ignored after a while.


Is brightness the best?

With these basic tips in mind. It is also important to remember that the brightest lights may not always be the best. This is because brighter lights, especially at night time, will create darker shadows. Furthermore, in relation to brightness. It is always important to consider your neighbors when installing security lights. Especially when the light can be super bright with an incredibly wide beam angle. We wouldn’t want your new SANSI security light to come between you and your neighbor.  


Why SANSI Security Lights?

SANSI LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security lights have all the right attributes to cover all of your exterior lighting needs and more. They came in a range of Wattage 18W, 27W and 30W and two colors, black and white. They’re easy to install and they provide a bright 5000k daylight color temperature.  

SANSI Security Lights are an ideal exterior light for any type of property because of their adaptability and their attributes. They have abroad motion sensory angle of 180 degrees and a sensory range of 50 feet. This means that any movement is detected way before the object is even close to your property increasing your safety and awareness.

Along with their impressive sensory range, SANSI Security Lights have a recommended instillation height of 12.1 feet or 3.3m. This will go hand in hand with keeping the light out of people’s reach and keeping it discrete.    


Physical features

First of all, let’s go through the physical features of our Security lights in order to show you how suitable they are. The lamp itself has durable plastic frame, which makes it waterproof ideal for outdoor fixtures.

One of the light’s best features are its dual lamp heads. This is because it gives the owner options. They make the light adaptable to whatever the home requires. This adaptability makes these security lights incredibly specific for whatever your home needs. Once you have a product that can adapt to your needs, you will definitely feel safer as a homeowner.


LED Modules

The number of LED modules corresponds on these lights to whatever watts you require. If you would like 18W and a lower lumen count you will purchase the 18W 1800lm Security light. Due to the lights slightly lower brightness the light will have 4 LED modules, two on each lamp head. If you prefer a slightly brighter light you may go for the 27W 2700lm Security light. This light will possess 3 LED modules on each lamp head. The brightest and most powerful exterior light is the 30W 3400lm Security light. This incredibly bright security light has a total of 8 LED components 4 on each lamp head.



Now you know the number of LED components you will be purchasing with each of the lamps it is now time to talk specifics. The LED components within these lights will use SANSI’s internationally patented Independent Pixel Heat Sink Technology ®. In order to dissipate heat better and to make the components more durable. It is SANSI’s Heat Sink Technology® that sets them apart from other exterior light companies.

The SANSI Security Light also use photocell and infrared motion sensors in order to guarantee the sensing of objects.


Three Different Sensing Modes

Speaking of the lights sensing abilities it also has three sensory modes.


Test Mode

Set-up: Put the ON-TIME switch at the bottom of the sensor in the TEST position. 

Function: When people or any other living objects pass through the induction zone, the light turns on for 5 seconds automatically. Test Mode helps you know whether the motion sensor is working well.



Set-up: Put the ON-TIME switch in the 1, 5, or 10 minutes position.

Function: Motion Sensor Mode only works at night. If people or any other living objects pass through the induction zone, the light will be on automatically for 1, 5, 10 minutes chosen.


MANUAL MODE (Override Mode) 

Set-up: Flip the light switch off for one second then back on to toggle between AUTO and MANUAL mode. 

Function: Under Manual Mode, the light could be on at night for 6 hours.

*Note: Manual mode only works at night and with the ON-TIME switch in the 1, 5, or 10 minutes position.

Each of these modes has their own benefit and application into making the exterior lighting of your home being as optimal as possible.



Overall, SANSI Security Lights are perfect for protecting your property. They will give you a guaranteed comfort that other brands can't give you. This will be because of their high quality, reliability, practicality and adaptability. Of mind and by purchasing you are buying yourself just that.


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