June. 2018

Become a World Cup Winner and Score Yourself a Discount Today On Our 45W LED Stadium Lights

Become a World Cup Winner and Score Yourself a Discount Today On Our 45W LED Stadium Lights


The 2018 World Cup

The FIFA 2018 World Cup is one of the world’s biggest sporting events and it is already underway in Russia. Hosting the world’s biggest stars such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Pogba and many more! With wobbly starts from pre-tournament favorites Germany, Argentina, France and Brazil. Teams such as Mexico, England, Croatia and Belgium have shone. This has made the tournament appear wide open!


The World Cup and LEDs

The use of LED lighting for large sporting events in recent years has been on the up. The first English Premier League team to adopt the use of LED lighting were Southampton in 2014. Closely followed by South-West London’s Chelsea in their Stadium at Stamford Bridge. Other significant sporting events that have now adopted the use of LEDs are Wimbledon and the Super Bowl. The 49th Annual Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium in 2015, was the first to be played under LED lights.

LED lights are ideal for live sporting events as they are the closest replica of natural light. This means they can make an indoor or night time games seem like broad daylight. This is beneficial for both the players and the spectators for a number of reasons. They have been adopted for the 2018 World Cup for very similar reasons as to why many of you have adopted LED lights. They are energy efficient, which leads to reduced electricity bills and being more environmentally friendly. They are very easy to control and their beam is incredibly bright and natural. The SANSI BR30 Stadium LED bulb can produce all of the benefits mentioned above and more for its owner. So the next time you’re watching your favorite players on the screen, think that could be you under your own SANSI BR30 light.   


BR30 Stadium LED Bulb

This super bright LED bulb demonstrates SANSI’s commitment to producing high quality, energy efficient powerful bulbs. With a light output of 5000lumens (lm) and a color temperature of 5000Kelvins (K). The BR30 Stadium LED light is ideal for a multitude of areas requiring powerful natural light.  


Unique Design

This powerful LED light has a patented unique design. Each LED chip is encased in SANSI’s patented Independent Pixel Heat Pixel Sink Technology®. Each ceramic panel of the Heat Sink Technology not only helps heat dissipation; they also make the overall design of the module more durable.

The reason SANSI adopts the use of ceramic is because ceramic is very efficient at dissipating heat. The improved heat dissipation allows the LED chips to be fixed straight onto the ceramic without needing any extra parts. This allows the bulb to be more energy efficient as it is not conducting as much heat.

It is not only the use of ceramics and innovative technology that sets SANSI’s STADIUM LIGHT apart. The light’s hollow base design is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also contributes to preserving the energy of the bulb.

The use of ceramics, SANSI’s Sink Technology and the hollow design of the bulb, all contribute to making the bulb one of the best LED’s on the market today.


The Advantages of the BR30 Stadium Light

The two main advantages to this bulb are its super brightness and its versatility. The bulb’s brightness comes from its 5000lm brightness along with its and 5000K daylight color temperature. Not only is the bulb incredibly powerful it also produces very natural appearing light. With a CRI rating of 80, the bulb will not only light up your room, but render its natural colors.

The bulb’s versatility stems from its light weight design, super brightness and its multiple bases for varying fixtures. The light weight design makes the bulb incredibly safe and longer lasting. This is due to the fact that the bulbs lighter weight comes from it needing less pieces to produce the same amount of light as a typical LED. 

The bulb’s super brightness makes it ideal for a vast number of places that require strong natural light. These places can vary from industrial and commercial lighting right the way through to housing. The light is solely adaptable to your individual needs.

The light also comes with a standard E26 base as well as an E39 adaptor. These two adaptors allow the light to be applicable to industrial, commercial and domestic lighting fixtures. Meaning you can really get the most out of this light and light up everywhere you go!


Be A Winner 20% Off

In order to pick up such a great deal, you will need to go onto our website WWW.SANSILED.COM create an account or log into a pre-existing account. Purchase the light and go through to the checkout.

Once you are at the checkout you can use the code: FIFA18WC to get your 20% discount.

fifa_2018_world_cup_coupon is the page you can go straight to make the purchase of our BR30 Stadium light.

So come and make the most of the World Cup and be a winner with SANSI’s WORLD CUP DEAL.


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