30W 3400lm 250W Equivalent 5000K LED Security Light Black with Square Heads

 High Performance: 2 ultra-bright LED light heads with 8 LED Bulbs (pixel heat sink) , produce up to 3400lm high brightness clear white light with only 30W, provides efficient lighting for your exterior living environment and adds extra safety for your home.
Auto On and Off: Built in motion/dusk-to-dawn sensors with 180° sensing angle and max 50ft sensing range, auto-on when motion is detected, auto-off after pre- determined time when no further motion is detected. Simply choose your preferred location for the outdoor security light; mount and wire it to light it on.
Higher Quality: Rugged and compact housing, excellent ceramic sealed lens technology ensures excellent heat dissipation and long-lasting performance.
Wide Coverage Range: The Light Coverage can light up to 50ft x 50ft at Mounting Height of 13ft. LED light shine down and covers an expansive area from the fixture's placement. Easy and fast DIY installation, instructions, mounting wires and accessories are all included.
Premium Customer Service: 5-Year Un-limited Warranty means you are covered for replacement or refund. Have LED technical questions or need design advise? Please feel free to contact us.
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SANSI 30W (250W Incandescent Equivalent) LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Light
Compared with other security lights, this LED security motion activated light can be rated at 3400lm just with 30W, which is far brighter to provide security for your home or business accommodations. You could cut down your electricity bill by up to 88% by replacing 250W incandescent bulb with 30W SANSI LED light!
3 Different Sensing Modes: 
Test Mode
Set-up: Put the ON-TIME switch at the bottom of the sensor in the TEST position. 
Function: When people or any other living objects pass through the induction zone, the light turns on for 5 seconds automatically. Test Mode helps you know whether the motion sensor is working well. 
Set-up: Put the ON-TIME switch in the 1, 5, or 10 minutes position.
Function: Motion Sensor Mode only works at night. If people or any other living objects pass through the induction zone, the light will be on automatically for 1, 5, 10 minutes chosen. 
MANUAL MODE (Override Mode) 
Set-up: Flip the light switch off for one second then back on to toggle between AUTO and MANUAL mode. 
Function: Under Manual Mode, the light could be on at night for 6 hours. 
*Note: Manual mode only works at night and with the ON-TIME switch in the 1, 5, or 10 minutes position. 
180° Wide Sensing Range
The sensing light angle of SANSI LED Security Motion Light can reach 180° wide sensing range and max 50ft motion coverage. 
The recommended installation height is 3.2~13.1ft. 
Villas, Garages, Gardens, Courtyards, Doorways, or any other areas need automatically lighting in the darkness
The Security Light is waterproof, which is able to protect against low-pressure water jet spray. But it can not be put under the water